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The 14th International System-on-Chip (SoC)

Conference, Exhibit & Workshops

 October 19 & 20, 2016

University of California, Irvine (UCI) - Calit2

13th International SoC Conference In Pictures. . .


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Welcome to the SoC Exhibit & Reception!


5th International System-on-Chip (SoC) Conference - November 7 & 8, 2007


Exhibit Date & Time:  Wednesday, November 7, From 4:30 PM - 8:30 PM.

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Radisson Hotel Newport Beach (Free Parking)



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Selected Exhibiting Companies













Selected Demo Descriptions. . . .







Tensilica delivers new on-chip processor-related technologies that provide the low power, programmability and data throughput needed for tomorrow’s demanding applications. Tensilica’s products include Xtensa configurable and Diamond Standard microprocessor cores plus highly automated, high-productivity development tools and a complete and totally integrated suite of software development tools. Tensilica technology leverages proven ASIC design methods, software programming models, and architectural standards to reduce risk and development time. Tensilica’s processors are the engines of SOC design.

Jazz Semiconductor





Jazz Semiconductor is an independent wafer foundry focused primarily on specialty CMOS process technologies, including High Voltage CMOS, SiGe BiCMOS and RFCMOS for the manufacture of highly integrated analog and mixed-signal semiconductor devices. Jazz serves customers targeting wireless, optical networking, power management, consumer electronics, storage, aerospace/defense and other high performance applications. Jazz executive offices and its U.S. wafer fabrication facilities are located in Newport Beach, CA.




Novelics is a privately held company founded in 2005 with a simple mission: to raise the bar on Embedded Memory performance for converged SoC applications using standard CMOS logic processing.  Our Embedded Memories are compiler generated and are optimized based on customer selected design criteria: power, density, speed, aspect ratio, DFM and DFT.  The growth in SoC designs for converged applications continues to drive the need for increased amounts and types of high performance Embedded Memories: coolSRAM-6T™, coolSRAM-1T™, coolROM™, coolCache™, coolREG™, and coolOTP™. Hierarchical memory designs have become more critical to ensure a match between processor speed requirements and memory access capabilities. In addition, increased interconnect, I/O bandwidth, and limitations on power consumption continue to drive a greater need for Embedded Memory integration. Process scaling will continue to present challenges for sense amp design margins, higher yield loss, higher leakage currents (read cycle scaling of 0.7x per generation for CMOS SRAM).  Accordingly, SoC designers who want a competitive edge for their products need to leapfrog the power, density, and speed of currently available Embedded Memories while keeping pace with advances in process scaling for future product generations.  Novelics' line of optimized compiler-driven Embedded Memories breaks through these existing conventional limits, providing unprecedented opportunity to pack more functionality in SoC designs, reduce SoC footprints, and eliminate expensive off-chip components.

eASIC Corporations




Enabling low-cost and ease-of-design using single via programmable Structured ASIC:   eASIC introduces a novel Structured ASIC architecture, which merges proven programmable logic fabric with single-via customizable segmented routing. This Structured ASIC allows for NRE-free and fast-turn designs of any volume, providing ASIC performance, and re-programmability for post-fabrication debug. The demo presents a case study of the implementation of SoC Processor reference design.





ClioSoft will be demoing their data management solution for the Cadence IC flow, Mentor IC flow, Silicon Canvas Laker and RTL flow. Key functionalities will include remote site collaborations, check out, check in, tag, updates, administration task, and reporting capabilities. Participants will also have chance to see some advance features supported within the tool such as reference projects, issue tracking integration, and real-time updates.


ClioSoft is a leading provider of design data management solutions for the IC design industry. ClioSoft's SOS DM platform with its sophisticated multi-site development environment enables global team collaboration and efficient management of design data and processes from concept through tape-out. SOS DM is seamlessly integrated with design tools from leading EDA vendors. Its revision control and DM features are accessible directly from the Cadence Virtuoso IC flow, Mentor ICstudio, Silicon Canvas Laker, and Mentor HDLDesigner.


Cadence Design Systems






Cadence enables global electronic-design innovation and plays an essential role in the creation of today's integrated circuits and electronics. Customers use Cadence software and hardware, methodologies, and services to design and verify advanced semiconductors, consumer electronics, networking and telecommunications equipment, and computer systems. Cadence reported 2006 revenues of approximately $1.5 billion, and has approximately 5,200 employees. The company is headquartered in San Jose, Calif., with sales offices, design centers, and research facilities around the world to serve the global electronics industry.



Carbon Design Systems

Carbon Model Studio is a complete solution for the automatic generation, validation, and execution of hardware-accurate software models. Carbon Model Studio compiles RTL into software models which link directly into virtual platform environments such as ARM’s RealView SoC Designer. Carbon models enable accurate architectural analysis, presilicon software integration and secure external model distribution.


Carbon Design Systems will be demonstrating its virtual system prototyping software product—SOC-VSP™—that allows hardware designs (Verilog and VHDL) to be easily imported into an ARM® RealView® SoC Designer environment, profiled, and debugged side-by-side with firmware and software drivers. In addition, Carbon will be presenting its Replay™ technology that removes the performance barrier to incorporating RTL into a heterogeneous modeling environment by enabling rapid software iterations through validated code and interactive software debug, while maintaining the underlying model cycle-accuracy. 

Silicon Canvas, Inc.


Carbon Model Studio is a complete solution for the automatic generation, validation, and execution of hardware-accurate software models. Carbon Model Studio compiles RTL into software models which link directly into virtual platform environments such as ARM’s RealView SoC Designer. Carbon models enable accurate architectural analysis, presilicon software integration and secure external model distribution.


Silicon Canvas is the EDA technology leader in custom design solutions. Our Laker custom design platform not only offers high-performance layout but also schematic-driven and advanced constraint-driven design flows to meet the growing need for nanometric analog, mixed signal, and custom digital design in large, complex SoC’s. Silicon Canvas' custom design solutions offer the power of Controllable Automation technology and unmatched interoperability to deliver streamlined design flows that free your designers to express themselves like never before. More than 250 companies worldwide, including 7 of the top 10 IC manufacturers, benefit from Laker and are adopting it for designs down to 45nm.

Product demo: Silicon Canvas will be demonstrating key features of its Laker custom design solutions, including schematic capture, custom layout, and advanced constraint-driven layout flows.


Kilopass Technology Inc.



Kilopass Technology Inc develops and markets advanced embedded non-volatile memory (NVM) technology, manufactured in standard logic CMOS processes. As a technology leader, Kilopass offers the leading embedded non-volatile memory technology in terms of bit density, process scalability, security, reliability, and cost effectiveness. Kilopass’ embedded NVM technology, XPM or Extra Permanent Memory, provides an excellent solution for electrically field-programmable firmware storage, security IDs and/or keys, analog circuit calibration, yield enhancement, self-repair, and IC configuration information for the flexible implementation of product features in a single chip platform SoC solution. Kilopass Technology’s XPM products integrate seamlessly with advanced Customer Owned Tooling (COT) and Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) markets and are available today for industry leading foundries and process geometries. Kilopass is pleased exhibit at the 5th International SoC Conference and will be presenting a demonstration video and literature describing our unique non-volatile memory technology at this year’s event.


ENOVIA MatrixOne


Through its Synchronicity product line, ENOVIA MatrixOne helps customers connect their electronic design environments directly to the extended enterprise, enabling global inter-company design teams to work together in real time—reducing design and development costs, leveraging design expertise, improving quality and accelerating time to market. ENOVIA MatrixOne is headquartered in Lowell, MA. 

Extreme DA





Headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., venture-funded Extreme DA develops and licenses software products to improve the performance and yield of nanometer integrated circuits. The company’s investors include Foundation Capital, IT-Farm Corporation, and Lanza techVentures.




MataiTech's NAUET (newt) tool allows for the fasts and best way to keep you hardware, software, documentation, test code all in sync and developed in parallel while building an SOC cutting months of work to days while lowing risk and accelerating time to market. In addition MataiTech does engineering design services, SPIRIT IP-XACT conversion and more. Visit us at www.mataitech.com.

Prodesign Electronics Corp.

Pro Design USA is dedicated to the sales and support of the complete family of CHIPit hardware-assisted verification platforms for ASIC and SoC developers in North America. The parent company, Pro Design Electronics Corporation, has headquarters in Munich, Germany. The privately held company was founded in 1981 and has over 80 employees, with various facilities for research, design, and sales in Germany, France and the U.S. The company's products and services include the CHIPit family of hardware-assisted verification tools, hardware and software development, and image processing solutions.



Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing Ltd.



Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing, one of the world's top dedicated semiconductor foundries, offers leading-edge technologies down to 45 nanometer (nm), enabling today's system-on-chip designs. The company serves its customers' needs through a collaborative, joint-development approach on a technology roadmap that extends to 32nm. Chartered's strategy is based on open and comprehensive design enablement solutions, manufacturing enhancement strategies, and commitment to flexible sourcing.












Nascentric is a privately held company that develops and markets a patented, next-generation Fast-SPICE simulator for analysis and functional verification of complex nanometer designs. Nascentric products allow designers to quickly simulate, analyze and verify larger and more complex circuits, improve design quality, and facilitate higher yields. The Nascentric management team brings decades of combined electrical engineering and electronic design automation experience to bear on the challenge of delivering full-chip simulation and analysis focused on eliminating silicon re-spins due to nanometer effects.


Innovative Silicon






Innovative Silicon Inc. (ISi) develops and licenses Z-RAM® - the world’s densest and lowest-cost memory technology. Z-RAM – which stands for “Zero-Capacitor DRAM” – is a direct replacement for today’s DRAM technologies and is ideal for complex Systems-on-Chip (SoC), microprocessors, and stand-alone DRAMs. The Z-RAM memory technology has been licensed by Hynix Semiconductor for use in stand-alone DRAM ICs, and has been licensed by AMD for creating large on-chip cache memories in future microprocessor designs.

The award winning Z-RAM memory technology, which harnesses the floating body effect of silicon on insulator (SOI) semiconductor devices, provides the following advantages over standard bulk silicon memory technologies:

The world’s simplest memory bitcell – Z-RAM uses a single transistor, and nothing else

Better scalability path to smaller process geometries – to 32nm and smaller
Smaller die sizes which are a direct result of Z-RAM’s smaller bitcell
   Up to twice as dense as bulk DRAM
   Up to five times as dense as SRAM
Faster technology node introduction and simplified manufacturing flows because there are no capacitors to build
Shorter manufacturing cycles times, less work in progress and fewer “at-risk” wafers 

Advanced Knowledge Associates




Advanced Knowledge Associates (AKA) is a major supplier of Prepackaged Reconfigurable Integrated Systems-on- Modules (PRISMs) that enable and accelerate advanced embedded system design. AKA's miniaturized and high-performance PRISMs ensure that customers get to market as quickly, easily, and cost-effectively as possible while protecting themselves from obsolescence issues. The company is headquartered in Santa Clara, California and provides design-to-manufacturing services for companies across a range of markets including Mil/Aero, Defense, Medical, Industrial, Automotive and Communications.

Intel Corp.


Intel pushes the boundaries of innovation so our work can make people's lives more exciting, fulfilling, and manageable. And our work never stops. We never stop looking for the next leap ahead—in technology, education, culture, manufacturing, and social responsibility. And we never stop collectively delivering better solutions with greater benefits for everyone.
Wipro - NewLogic


Coming soon . . . 
Arteris, Inc.



Arteris provides NoC technology which is interconnect IP for on-chip connections between various on-chip IP, processors etc. We provide a packet based network on the SoC itself. We work best when there are numerous different IP's with various bus protocols such as AHB and AXI or OCP. Arteris NoC technology also reduces wires which lowers power and may reduce area. Arteris NoC technology also works faster than bus technology in most designs.

Cal Quality Electronics






TMany companies are outsourcing their manufacturing burdens to highly qualified contract manufacturers. Cal Quality Electronics improves your bottom line by eliminating a major part of your overhead expenses on labor, materials, facilities cost and cost of money. We are a high-mix, high quality, low-priced electronics manufacturing company that can quick-turn your PCBAs, cable assemblies and full assemblies. Our full service capabilities range from design to product fulfillment and include:
• 25 years of expertise
• Consignment and Turnkey Manufacturing
• Supply Chain Management
• Printed Circuit Board Assembly, Box builds and Subsystems
• Dedicated Project Managers and Buyers
• ISO 9001: 2000 and IPC 610A (class II and III)
• Prototype development through volume production
• Full in-house testing
Our engineering expertise and supply chain management have helped many companies reduce their time to market with new products and have allowed them to enjoy a high reduction in their manufacturing expenses.

Orange County Business Service Centers


Coming soon . . . 







The AcurX SoC Platform integrates common processor cores, popular peripherals, and proprietary intellectual property to provide optimized solutions, such as this Demonstration which runs a Linux Network Server, communicates with a personal computer, and plays movies.


California State University, Fullerton



California State University, Fullerton is a high-quality, comprehensive four-year public university that offers superior teaching and prepares students to be leaders in business and industry, science, education, community service, the arts, politics, and many other fields. Part of a 23-campus California State University System that views learning as a powerful force for growth and change, Cal State Fullerton offers over 100 degree programs (graduate and undergraduate) in eight colleges, as well as a number of certificate programs. The university is located in a region known for its economic vitality, cultural diversity, multitude of leisure activities and attractions, and ideal climate.   The College of Engineering and Computer Science at Cal State Fullerton offers bachelor's and master's degrees in Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering, as well as a bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering and an online master's degree in Software Engineering.

Chapman University






Chapman University will be sharing information regarding its Computer Science and Embedded Engineering Program with the SoC Conference and Exhibit attendees.



Visit THE SoC Exhibits!

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  • And much more!



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